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What is an IP address?

IP is short for Internet Protocol. An IP address is a unique numerical address assigned to every machine connected to the Internet. This is a unique string of numbers which identifies a computer or server on the Internet. These numbers are normally shown in groups separated by periods.

How could this site help me?

Most computers are protected behind a router so all the computers connected to the router usually have a private IP. So if you try to get your computers IP you will only get the private IP. Now that is where we come in. Simply come to our site and we will always have your pubic IP.

Can I be hacked using this site?

No, you can’t be hacked simply by using this website. Hackers do need IP addresses to connect from somewhere else but for this website to be useful to them, they would have to be already on your computer or already in your network for this to work. If a hacker went to this website they will only get the IP address that they are using and not yours.

Why does my IP address change?

This is known as a dynamic IP address which is one that is temporarily assigned by a DHCP server. Most home computers and home computer networks use dynamic IP addresses. Dynamic IP addresses are obtained from the ISP’s DHCP server and renewed at regular intervals. These addresses can change when they are renewed.

Why doesn’t my IP address change?

This is known as a static IP address.  The difference from a dynamic IP is that a static doesn’t change. You might notice that most buisnesses have a static IP address for their email or their website. You also might notice that all website usually have or adleast should have a static IP.

Which one should I have?

Well.. it really doesn’t matter. Just keep in mind that your local ISP will usually charge more for static. This is because static is perfect for hosting websites. Although a dynamic IP is perfect if you think someone is trying to hack you. You can simply reset your IP and poof you got a new one which gives you a new identity. But if you really must know. If you’re at a buisness use a static and if your at home use a dynamic.

What’s so special about the carbboard sign?

It’s the magical cardboard sign which can get any IP address in the world. Which only our trained bums know how to use.

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